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Character and temperament

The Boston Terrier has a unique personality. Some are lively and funny while others are quiet, dignified and relatively sedate. Some dogs are naturally obstinate and others sweet and cute.
In general, the Boston Terrier is a small, charming and good looking dog. It loves to play different games and chase balls. It also wants to be part of the family and receive all the attention it can get. Its large and expressive eyes, head that is turned sideways in attention, and gargling sounds arouse parental feelings in many humans.
One of the Boston Terrier’s most positive properties is its excellent adaptability. It does well with both children and the elderly. It loves to play with children of all ages. It has a solid body that is not frail and therefore there is no need to worry about the dog when it is in the company of little children that behave roughly.
One of the Boston Terrier’s most positive assets is its orientation skill. It does well with children and older adults. It loves playing with children of all ages. Its firm and non-fragile body enable it to play safely with little children to show behave harshly.
However, it does not like to be taunted. It behaves in a possessive and jealous manner but this may be placed under control when the dog is trained from an early age. This is an intelligent dog that understands instructions it receives quickly and easily. You should not shout at it because this may lead to a negative, instead of positive, response.
The Boston Terrier is sensitive to its owner’s moods and some are one-man dogs that particularly tend to become attached to elderly people. However, many are friendly towards all people and even the slightly aloof dogs behave politely. Additionally, it is a trusty warning dog who tells its owner when someone is at the door.
The Boston Terrier gets along well with other family pets but may make a real to-do when seeing a large dog walking on the other side of the street. In any case, it is definitely not an aggressive dog.
The breed may be suitable for someone taking a dog for the first time.

Gutman Boston

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Gutman Boston

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Small and solid – not a fragile pet

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Behaves politely towards everyone, including other animals

Loves to play and chase balls

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